Friday, April 23, 2004

Do they watch his ads?

News Source: ABC News
Author: ABC News' Political Unit
Title: Sovereign Nation

The Note is at it again. They say they don't know what Kerry's priorities are:

    It will be interesting to see if the Senator calibrates his women's rights remarks with anything approaching centrist rhetoric, and to hear his "priorities" agenda at the ASNE (since we are still trying to figure out what those are . . .)
Here is the script from a recent Kerry ad entitled, "Committment":
    Kerry To Camera:

    "As President I'll set a few clear national priorities for America.

    "First, we will keep this country safe and secure. Second, I'll put an end to tax incentives that encourage American companies to ship jobs overseas. And third, we'll invest in education and healthcare.

    "My priorities are jobs and healthcare. My commitment is to defend this country.

    "I'm John Kerry and I approved this message because together we can build a stronger America."
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