Friday, July 09, 2004

The Note feigns outrage!

News Source: ABC News
Author: ABC News' Political Unit
Title: So Ready for This Fight
Cover the Ears and Eyes of Emma Claire and Jack

Here's how The Note describes last night's occasionally rich-humored New York Democratic fundraiser:

    And last night, after the network newscasts and right-on newspaper deadlines, KE04 did something that could fade away or could become the top political story of the day.

    If a Republican presidential candidate, running against an incumbent Democrat, appeared with his newly-minted extremely conservative running mate in front of a packed house of fat cat donors in the capital of the GOP base at a fundraiser at which, say, country and western stars and conservative entertainers attacked the president in personal, mocking, and disrespectful ways, its pretty likely that the press would be in high dudgeon.
There's more and we'll get to that, but let's first look at this paragraph...

1. What, specifically, did Kerry-Edwards do? Not censor the entertainers who helped raise over $7 million? If ABC's standard is so high for campaign entertainers, perhaps they should insist Cheney at least apologize for his F-Bombs on the Senate floor two weeks ago. Cheney said, "I felt better after saying it," and Bush apparently told him, "Those were your words so don't apologize." Those are some Republican values for you.

2. Is Edwards the polar opposite of an "extremely conservative running mate?" Isn't he a Democratic Senator from North Carolina? So wouldn't he normally be considered a "moderate?"

3. Does the ABC News Political Unit really have that tough a time thinking of the last time a Democrat was President and the things that were said about him and the media attention it got, most of it having to do with said President's willy? Oh, I'm sorry, do Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley and Monica Lewinsky not count?

Going on...
    The coverage of last night's Radio City event in print has some elements of this, but not enough for the Bush campaign. And the TV coverage has largely ignored it.
Oh, the pooooor Bush campaign. Some celebrities call Bush names and he starts to cry, boo hoo. Who's Mr. Tough Guy now? Your little friends in the media didn't even stick up for sad.

Someone ought to tell Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity with their millions and millions of ditto-head listeners/TV audience members that they simply don't count. Republicans will only believe it if the New York Times says it's so...

There's more:
    Although a Kerry spokesman has said that the Democratic ticket doesn't necessarily agree with everything that was said, does anyone believe that the President would be let off the hook that easily if the situation were reversed?
Certainly not! Impeachment be damned...