Thursday, April 29, 2004

Now we know The Note hates Kerry

News Source: ABC News
Title: We Keep Pretending That There's Nothing Wrong
But There's a Code of Silence and It Can't Go On

The title is the only thing clever about today's Note. Skipping over the quote from Democratic character-assassin-in-chief Maureen Dowd (which we will examine in an "exclusive" Kwatch opinion piece out later tonight) we find this chunk of pure Note vitriol:

    And we would suggest that if John Kerry really wants to run against George Bush on the Patty Loveless notion of a "trouble with truth," he should probably stop saying he hasn't run negative ads against George Bush and get straight what is in the Kerry-Heinz motorpool.

1. If The Note was written by real reporters they would have looked at what Kerry actually said in his address to newspaper editors on April 23 (the speech provoked the RNC to take issue with Kerry's claim on negative ads and in the process distort what he actually said - The Note happily bought the RNC version apparently without ever checking the actualy text of the speech). Here's what Kerry said:
    I never ran one negative advertisement against my opponents in the primaries.
"Opponents in the primaries" is quite different from "President Bush."

2. Kerry said yesterday, "All my cars are American. The ones I've personally bought are American." That seems pretty clear to us. Some tend to forget that Kerry and Teresa married only 10 years ago and that Teresa has her own life - cars, homes, planes, that were bought with her money before marrying Kerry.

After four years of "W speak" simple English is suddenly hard for some reporters to understand.